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Health, Happiness & Family Constellations

By Michael Reddy, Ph.D. 

Health Happiness & Family Constellations

“Not only is it rare that a cognitive scientist would enter into an alternative method of healing, but Dr. Reddy does so with passion, clarity and insight.”

J. Edward Lynch, Ph.D.

“Michael Reddy brings a scientist’s mind and a shaman’s heart to this book.”

Dan Booth Cohen, Ph.D.


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This book provides a very different way to leave chronic suffering behind. Whether it's emotional or physical, regardless of the diagnosis, much of it is not anchored in you the individual. Instead, we are suffering with and for those we have loved. With engaging personal stories, and simple explanations of dramatic transformations, Michael Reddy shares with you the missing link in healing.

What gives all of us life, along with our sense of how love comes to us in the world, is a tightly-knit group experience known as THE FAMILY. Regardless of its quality, we bonded to this experience, and remain faithful in hidden ways. Family Constellations reveal and re-align hidden loyalties to unaccepted issues or events in your family's past that anchor change-resistant problems.

They work directly with the family's subconscious system, or "soul." This is actually a collective, cross-generational intelligence that evolved long before rational thinking and individuality. It tends to distribute emotional burdens so that the family can survive. But if we don't let go of these burdensome bonds in later life, they block our greater health and fulfillment.

This book tells the exciting and important story of how such bonds were formed and now released by constellations. The five simple chapters have excited counseling and healthcare professionals, intelligent people seeking improved health and wellness, and even constellation trainees and their trainers. Reddy reframes the central insights and explains things left previously largely implicit. At once practical, and uniquely theoretical, his writing reveals for a much wider range of readers the inner workings of the human family soul.

About the author:  

Michael Reddy, Ph.D, CPC

Dr. Reddy uses techniques of core energy coaching, family constellations, and shamanic healing to help people recover from chronic emotional or physical suffering. His professional life began doing medical and cognitive science research at the University of Chicago and Columbia University.

But, with a disturbed family background, and significant wellness issues of his own, he also undertook seven years training in shamanic healing techniques from Native American and mixed blood elders. Teaching these ways and healing others became for two decades his "night job." More recently, he became a certified professional coach and learned to facilitate systemic constellations, which he felt saved his life. He has worked with 14 different constellation trainers, and was certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

All these threads came together for him in 2008 in a full-time practice of WholeSelf and WholeFamily Wellness Coaching.  Where physical and emotional suffering have gotten stuck in client's lives, he saw severe fragmentation of lives and families, coupled with excessive focus on individual as opposed to family and ancestral issues at the root of it.  Left-over loyalties to unresolved issues in the birth family's past are often the "missing link."  With a combination of genuine empathy (having been there himself) and cutting edge knowledge and coaching tools—he is extremely good at leading clients back towards wholeness and getting that suffering "unstuck."
An impassioned writer and speaker, he works to share his insights with professionals and the public alike.

At the conclusion of this book, readers will be better able to:

- Describe how Family Constellations reveal and realign hidden loyalties to painful events in the family’s past that weigh upon us like millstones.

- Explain how constellations work directly with the family’s
subconscious system to help dissolve the blocks that stand as obstacles to good health and fulfilment.

- Describe the hidden architecture of human relationships.

- Describe how Family Constellations can be used to accelerate the resolution of physical symptoms, emotional disturbances and relationship conflicts

Targeted professions: Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses when applicable to mental health practice, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Certified Counselors and other mental health professionals. Please click here  for information specific to your profession and your state. This offering is applicable for introductory through advanced clinicians. 



                                                                    4 CE hours credit  


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