Alternately, if you have ever considered presenting your own program, this is the time.

Our service is for individuals and organizations across the board, from hospitals, to residential facilities, non-profit foundations, clinics and individual speakers.

Commonwealth Educational Seminars requirements include a signed co-sponsorship agreement. This agreement is available to be downloaded below, at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, if you receive our application directly from us, vie email, we will send you the agreement.

We have done the hardest work for you!

The reason that most practitioners or organizations do not attempt to offer continuing education credit to attendees is because of the thousands of dollars in costs, the amount of time, staffing and the paperwork involved.

Now, you can take advantage of our efforts. We save you work and money.

Please review our application, which can be seen and downloaded at the bottom of this page. The application will re-state requirements mentioned above as well as provide all items necessary for you to send in a complete application.

Please review the document below: Website and Promotional Requirements for Program Approval.


Please email us at or give us a call: 1 (800) 376-3345.

Your cost:

It costs you nothing to have us review your program.

If your live face-to-face program or your 'live' online in real time program is approved for co-sponsorship and you choose to have us provide continuing education credit, there is a fee of $100. If your online pre-recorded program is approved for co-sponsorship and you choose to have us provide continuing education credit, there is a fee of $200.  Pre-recorded programs require a post test which we host, however if you choose to host your own post test, your fee is reduced to $150.

You can then request the professionals for whom you would like us to provide Continuing Education Certificates of Attendance. There is a $50 fee for each professional category you choose. That covers all of the attendees in that profession, at which point we ensure that your program is in compliance with that profession's rules and regulations.

Please click below to download the application form for your program.

Application Form

If you'd like help with your application, please call us at 800 376 3345 or email:

Otherwise, you can click here.

Please click below to download the Agreement Form.

Agreement Form

We are able to offer CE credit for the following participants/professionals:

  • Psychologists 
  • Social Workers
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Professional Counselors

Please scroll down to view our Application.

We provide co-sponsorship of Continuing Education Events for many places both large and small, such as Alzheimer's Association, Brain Injury Association, Walden Behavioral Care, Beacon Health Options, Therapy Training Boston, Decision Health, HMO's, small and large practices and individuals seeking to offer CE credit for their programs and presentations, both live and online.

It is less expensive and eliminates paperwork for you or your place of practice, since we are national providers. This is a very popular program. It is titled: Co-Sponsorship of Continuing Education Events.

  1. We, at Commonwealth Educational Seminars, will be reviewing your course content/objectives and your promotional materials, including websites, brochures/flyers and promotional emails to determine that your materials meet the standards, regulations, and requirements of the national organizations with whom we are associated.
  2. We issue Certificates of Attendance and continuing education credit.
  3. We securely maintain records, as required, so you won't have to.
  4. Online Presentations:                                                    A. All online programs require a post test, which should be submitted along with an application. The requirements for post tests are on the application at the bottom of this page.                   D.  All online programs require pilot testing. Information regarding pilot testing is on the application at the bottom of this page.
  5. You determine, collect and keep all attendance fees. Or you do not have to charge attendees at all. By offering CE credit from us, you will naturally attract more attendees. This has also proven very valuable for in-service training, Grand Rounds, outreach programs, etc.

Co-Sponsorship of Continuing Education Events

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