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Providing Continuing Education for Mental Health and Health Professionals since 1993.

Our Mission is to provide continuing education (CE credit) For High Quality Programs.

We offer Continuing Education credit two ways:

Co-Sponsorship presentation

Continuing Education Credit for Your Own Presentatio

Have you or your organization ever wanted to present your own program and offer attendees continuing education credit?
You can!
We will work with you to provide continuing education credit through our national accreditations.
Offer credit to Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses, Dietitians and more through our Continuing Ed
ucation Credit Provider (CECP) Program.

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Home Study Programs

 Choose your favorite topics and earn continuing education credit when you want, where you want. Choose from published books and free online articles. Receive your credi
t immediately upon completion.

Our home study program is extremely popular for a number of reasons. We think the best way to show you this is by simply displaying the kind of comments we receive:

"When I call or e-mail, I'm dealing with real people. You and your partner make a great team. I've taken all of my home study credits through you guys so I'm probably your best customer."   - Susan W., Cambridge, MA

"I never knew it could be this easy. And downloading my certificate instantly makes a huge difference."  -   Corrie L., LPC, MSW, Alexandrea, VA.

"It's fantastic to be able to see the tests ahead of time. That takes the worry away before I sign up for one."  -  Lawrence M., LPC, Austin, TX.

Thanks for making everything so easy. I never knew it could be so uncomplicated. I save money since I already have a lot of the books you offer. PS. Keep sending me your e-newsletters. Your introductory remarks are very funny!"  -  Susan A., LICSW, LMHC, Weston, MA.              (800) 376-3345 
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We want to make learning as easy and comfortable as possible for busy (overworked) professionals. Our programs are designed to provide CE credit for Psychologists (APA), Social Workers (ASWB Approved), Certified Counselors (NBCC Approved for home study), Licensed Mental Health Counselors (NBCC Approved for home study),  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Nurses, Registered Dietitians (CDC) and Massachusetts Nursing Home Administrators.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. You may email, or phone our staff. We are available form 9-5 PM EST Monday through Friday and 9AM to Noon on Saturday.   (800) 376-3345  Fax: (508) 420-3360
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